01 March 2016

Northern India Himalaya Cycle Tour

Have been enjoying a lot of good hiking, snowshoeing, skiing and winter camping in the Winter 2015-16, but am still remembering last fall's bicycle adventures in India!

Check it out here: http://mountainbike.org/northern-india-cycle-tour/

10 January 2014

2013 End of Year Thoughts

After an amazing time of riding with Cycling Fusion at PT Athletic from Jan-March and then Maui in April, I was in the best shape since my 20's in Crested Butte, CO. Lots of summer rides with good friends around Port Townsend made it even more fun.

Headed to Europe for 3-1/2 months (July-October), with my daughter and her friend Pearl for six weeks including a NYC stop and the Queen Mary 2, a bit of riding on the remote roads and trails of the Lozére near Allenc, FR; lots of wine and fun in Paris (4 times-love that city) then off for a month with my sister Beth in Romania, Hungary, Czech Republic, Austria and Germany. Enjoyed many days with my nephews, Xavier and Julien, and my much-loved bro-in-law Martin. We had a very good time.

Since then, it's been work, managing the weirdness of Port Townsend (Tiny Town) and preparing for new adventures. It's strange being back in the US; the wilderness I missed, the politics and general shape of things, not so much.

Somehow I think 2014 is going to be very interesting. Next stop, Strange Brewfest with Peter McKay and Mark Thomas...hang on to your bike caps.

03 June 2013

Whew! Finally Riding Again!

Well, it's been quite a long time since the last post but finally have time to write something. Have been enjoying some fabulous riding this winter and spring, including a magnificent trip to Maui with Cycling Fusion. That was in April and the weather was 80-90 degrees and beautiful sunshine!

West Maui overlook!
Rode the hilly west Maui loop (my favorite), Haleakala, Iao Valley and Piilani Highway, plus down to Makena and the lava fields. Everyday was fantastic. Put in about 250 glorious miles.

Piilani Highway...50mph downhill.
After enjoying 6 days of riding with some wonderful folks, I rented a Harley FatBob...1340cc of BIGNESS. Rode out to Hana for the day and enjoyed the 600 curves and 54 one lane bridges. One must keep vigilant, the tourists drive erratically.

A big thanks to Ken at Hula Hogs!
Stayed at the Maui Coast Hotel for a night and got to see my friend Joanna and had a wonderful time.

Was fortunate to facilitate a Cycling Fusion Winter Training class from January to March - first time using heart rate and power to measure training loads. Was very successful, rebuilding all the lost fitness from the accident in Nov. 2011 and many months off the bike.

The past few months I've put in between 100-200 mile weeks and am feeling pretty good. Not quite at the top of my game yet, but near 80%! I'm happy.

One more month and it's off to travel - New York, England & France!

17 September 2012

Sunny Busy Fall!

Finally after a summer of fits and starts for me, helping coach the high school XC team has gotten me back to training for some cool events next year! Possible fun would be NW Crank in April, the Sunflower Trail Marathon in Mazama in May, Iron Horse Relay in September, and some massive clubbish ride like STP just to say it's been done.

Have gotten in two great backpacking trips, one up the Hoh River and one on the High Divide, some motorcycling in the Olympic forest and some great road biking with some of my favorite friends. A couple road trips to Winthrop and MN with my daughter...and more fun to come!

Hoping to get back to some SIR rides next spring and learn to paddle fast too...just need a kayak!