17 September 2012

Sunny Busy Fall!

Finally after a summer of fits and starts for me, helping coach the high school XC team has gotten me back to training for some cool events next year! Possible fun would be NW Crank in April, the Sunflower Trail Marathon in Mazama in May, Iron Horse Relay in September, and some massive clubbish ride like STP just to say it's been done.

Have gotten in two great backpacking trips, one up the Hoh River and one on the High Divide, some motorcycling in the Olympic forest and some great road biking with some of my favorite friends. A couple road trips to Winthrop and MN with my daughter...and more fun to come!

Hoping to get back to some SIR rides next spring and learn to paddle fast too...just need a kayak!

06 March 2012

A Long Road

It's been nearly 8 months since posting anything here, but hope to correct that. Frankly, my life has changed completely in every way; divorce, two moves, bike crash, business disasters, car accidents and injuries from which only now am I able to ride again, at least for shorter distances.

Things are improving slowly, I have a great little rental house, a shop to work in, my daughter to hang out with and some really amazing friends and family. Life is good. Looking forward to NW Crank in Wenatchee in April and even though I'll be slow, it'll be so good to see all my SIR buddies again. Lately I've been cooking up some delicious food, learning to play some guitar chords and reading more. I got to spend three weeks in Amsterdam and France with my groovy bro-in-law Martin over Xmas and New Year's and that was fantastic. Peri & I have tickets to see Florence & the Machine in July. I have a new truck. All-in-all, lots to be thankful for!

The ski season sucked so I didn't miss anything there...