10 October 2009

ODT Adventure Route

My friend Eric and I finally got together for a great ride on the recent ODT (Olympic Discovery Trail) Adventure Route on Sunday, September 6th. Nice soggy rain all day and all we could think as we began was that this is not so different from our days 20 years ago in the Capitol Forest. We might be older, but we still love singletrack baby. It was so nice to ride with my buddy who was my first friend after moving to WA and we're still having fun!

The trail is really spectacular - we did the 25 mile from the west side of Crescent Lake to the Elwha River. About 8 miles of gravel road, the rest pure trail. Despite the rain, we add a glorious day! If you don't ride in the rain you'd never ride at all...

We'll be back again hopefully before there's too much snow on the trail. More info at: http://www.olympicdiscoverytrail.com/LkCrescentElwha.htm