30 April 2009

NW Crank Brief

Still recovering from surgery, but in the meantime, I had the pleasure of helping support riders at NW Crank in Wenatchee and enjoyed some sunshine, good friends and a good dose of positive energy from everyone. I needed it. Here's a few pics from the week:

The Saturday adventure riders tackle Rock Island Grade on a windy, cool, but beautiful day!

Another view of the first few miles climbing the grade, everyone was riding strong and having done this climb, I know it's a bit of work.

Tiny riders in the distance making their way up from the river.

A little break by the Church of Pain off Joe Miller and Stemilt Hill Rd. More climbing through the fruit trees ahead.

Every morning started out with a gathering at the Inn at the River as Mike McHale gave everyone the 411 of the days activities. It was a wonderful event in my observation and brings out a really stellar group of riders! After meeting with the surgeon I got the green light to start riding on May 1st. No long rides, but at least I can start the process of getting back...to be ready for NW Crank in 2010.

13 April 2009

Now for Something Completely Different

Well, maybe it was due to not riding for the last couple months, but somehow I have decided to try something a little different. Needless to say, my appreciation of the turn of the century cyclist has increased tenfold since I started riding a penny farthing. Figured I'd try it before surgery tomorrow...in the event something happened, I'd already be in the hospital anyway. No injuries were reported and it is the most challenging cycle I've ever ridden!

03 April 2009

Now Surgery...

Nearly 8 weeks of no riding and surgery (foraminotomy) scheduled for April 14th, so being off the bike will continue for a few more weeks. I'll be in Wenatchee at NW Crank though, if only to help where I can and maybe take a few short rides along the Apple Loop Trail...it's not much, but if all goes well I still plan on making it to Last Chance in CO this September (but not GRR in June sadly).

Hard to see all my great plans for this early season go by unfulfilled, but thankfully it's not PBP 2011 either. I've so missed riding with SIR and all my friends! See you in eastern WA.