23 October 2010

Now for Something Completely Different

As the fall season came around, I was again drawn to help coach cross-country. This time it was for the Port Townsend High School XC team and it has been a blast! A stellar group of kids and coaches really makes it a special part of every day. Seeing my daughter run like I did in high school (and loving it) got me back to running more regularly and rekindled my passion for it. After so many years of cycling, it's been exciting to partake in a new endurance sport (and one that will help my skiing).

So, as things tend to go with me - nothing worth doing is done marginally - I have signed up to run the Surf City USA Marathon on Feb. 6, 2011, the last day of my 49th year! I'm done with the first 3 weeks of "training" and have 15 weeks to go. So far, so good and I love it more every day. My wife Carrie and friend Laura are also doing it (though they both have run 2-3 marathons), so the fun has begun!

 Here's to new adventures! We're even talking about also doing Big Sur in May...but I'll try one first!