20 June 2011

A Busy June!

Lots happening this month as the weather improves (sort of) and we are getting out and around the trails and roads of the lovely and very green Olympic Peninsula. We started off with Peri and I making a hike out on the Dosewallips Trail on a beautiful Sunday!

Peri on the Dosewallips Trail

Dosewallips River was flowing really high

Peri and I have a little lunch of cherries and gorp near the riverside

Peri tries to take over driving...those days are coming soon!

The next week David, Alan and I headed to the Miller Peninsula to explore some of the trails in the new State Park. We had a great time, the weather was pretty good and the trails were fabulous. Great views of the back of Protection Island from the beach and not a soul in sight anywhere.

David and Alan take in the views

David regaining MTB skills on his huge yellow Cannondale

On Father's Day, Peri took me to brunch at Sweet Laurette's then we spent the day riding the Longest Day of Trails event along the Larry Scott Trail. Rained most of the time, but we kept smiling - I love my girl!
Damp but happy!

Also had a spectacular Quilbilly Hilly in Quilcene with a few friends spending all day riding hills - a wonderful day all around and one of the best places to ride ever and I won a bar of Jasmine soap! Check out the great photos here >>

Jasmine soap...needed after a lot of climbing

Can't wait to see what this week brings!