01 December 2007

Pereira 650b Custom in Progress

Tony Pereira has been working on my frame this fall and I've got some photos taken at the Portland Handmade Bike Show by Alex Wetmore and Micheal Huber (thanks guys!). It's coming along really nicely!

The concept behind the design was to create a light-weight 650b randonneuring and fast touring bike that could use the new 650b x 42mm Gran Bois Hetre tires. It's a big set of rubber, but I've been so happy with my 700c x 30mm Gran Bois tires I knew it was worth the effort to go for something along the same lines. The fork is a custom double-plate design with a front rack and removable low-rider pannier racks. No rear rack.

Mafac Raid centerpull brake calipers will provide stopping power and do so with a bit less weight than other options. I debated whether to go with canti's, but figured I'd do something less ordinary.

The stem is also custom and will include a bell and some option for supporting the Ravena handlebar bag. I have some Madden front panniers for the time being when the low-rider racks are mounted.

The Pereira "pear" badge looks nice on the headtube and I'm leaning toward a mossy green single color for the frame. I can't wait for it to be on the road!

A bit more work on racks and details and we should be getting very close to having this beauty in full riding mode. I plan on bringing it into the Olympics and Cascades on gravel adventure routes, and the big Hetres should be a welcome change from the 30mm I have been using.

I plan on posting more as things go along, so stay tuned!


12halfshell said...

Hi Jon,
Saw the NAHBS photos, allow me to unabashedly say most gorgeous bike ever, congratulations! Please provide updates about ride quality and those amazing-looking Hetre tires when you get a chance. My next bike will certainly be 650b (and with a little penny-pinching, custom)!

Jon Muellner said...

Thanks Matt, I love it so far and hope to get much longer rides in come April. 650b is right for me and I said I'd get a custom if I finished PBP twice...can't wait to ride it in PBP 2011!