23 September 2008

Rekindled Fixedness

I have always been a fan of simple bikes and recently watched a few of the urban fixie videos that are floating around. I ran fixed during 2002 and other times for brevets and club riding, but this time I merely wanted something to scoot around town with. There sat the faithful Heron Road frame and so in a brief Saturday afternoon it was transformed into a nice light fixed gear.

I had some little riser bars that my daughter used on our tandem and I flipped them forward and mounted a bell and single DiaCompe front brake ( I tried once going with no brakes, but then I came to my senses). A mix of 167.5 Shimano 600 cranks with 40t/16t rear make it perfect for Port Townsend hills.

So far I've had a great time riding and remembering what basic fun this can be!


Robert H said...

That is a real beaut.
Can I have your geared bikes?

Noel Howes said...

Handsome steed man!

I like the gearing, I am riding 44x17 back and forth to work and the little boys are passing me on the uphills because I can't spin fast enough. I should change.

Jon Muellner said...

Thanks Noel! Steep downhills can be daunting, but then I can work on my leg braking strength...