22 November 2008

Today's Awesome Find

So Carrie calls and tells me she saw an old Burley trailer in
someone's yard uptown. I scoot over on the fixed and there it is in
great condition with a $15 price tag. Get to the door and a really
cool woman comes out and says she'll take $10. Sold! Four blocks later
and it's at our home and all set for dog hauling - Yeah!


J.D. Kimple said...

Excellent find! Someone gave me a child trailer, although not a Burley. At the time I figured our children were well past the stage for need of a trailer so I took the canvas off, gave it a plywood bottome and it's now a cargo trailer. Bungee cords and a 30 gallon rubbermaid tote works great.

However, I now have Grandchildred and the canvas would have been nice...

beth h said...

GREAT find there!

A couple years ago I during a long weekend in Manzanita, oregon, my partner and I spotted a Burley trailer in someone's front yard. The sign said "free" and the trailer was old, from the Cottage Grove days. It wasn't a folding type, so we had to partly dismantle it to bring it home in my partner's Prius. It was a tight squeeze but we did it, and now it's a grocery hauler for a car-free friend of ours.