24 May 2009

Friday's Fine Ride

An exceptional Friday ride down to see the bridge and revel in the
lack of traffic because it's closed for a few weeks. What a joy! 50
miles with Al and Gary, with a stop at the Port Ludlow Friday Market
for home baked cookies. What stellar weather this weekend...maybe
summer has arrived.

In Shine overlooking the Olympics.

Riding west on Hwy. 104 with the road all to ourselves!

The sign seems to contradict the purpose...


CurioRando said...


Great to see you out riding. From our phone conversation about your Pereira bicycle I know it must have been tough sitting around. I just wanted you to know I went ahead and ordered my Pereira rando bike with 650B tires. Went down to Portland and met with Tony. Great guy.

Should be available early next year. Thanks for taking the time to walk me through your decision. See you out there!

Jon Muellner said...

That's excellent news Steve! Glad to hear you're on your way...now it's just going to take the obligatory patience for the new ride!