18 January 2010

Ten Mile Canyon Hike

Took advantage of the limited snow to hike the entire North Ten Mile Canyon trail about 10-12 miles roundtrip. 17 below zero to start at 9am, but it warmed up by the time I made the turnaround point under Eccles Pass in the saddle where the trail ends. A great day in the snow.

Saw no creatures or people for over 4 hours. There was a sundog that formed overhead around noon-time but difficult to get a photo of it. So much glorious silence!

Hiking up about 1700 ft. from the trailhead near Frisco, CO. A fairly easy hike.

Amazing snow formations...also creeks had swollen and frozen into huge whalebacks of pure ice, even covering one of the bridges for over 40 ft.

Time for contemplation...and lunch.

Shadow guy...enjoyed sunshine most of the day, but still clod in the trees.

The only tracks were mine at the very end...well, the turnaround point. From here on it was post-holing, even with snowshoes.

Taking a break at the Gore Range trail crossing.


rob hawks said...


Looks like a wonderful day. -17F? Crikey.

What does your 2010 riding calendar look like?

Jon Muellner said...

Lots of brevets! Pretty much every weekend through May will be some event - man I hope we can ride together this season!