06 January 2009

More Shop Goodies!

My Dad arrived this week and brought me a few goodies for the shop!

Two directional machine vice with a little one to mount to it. This will be used with the drill press when it comes.

Huge, heavy weight vice that will be bolted to the shop bench. Have extra jaws coming, including a round one to hold fork tubes and the like.

A real Park shop stand...I've wanted one of these for over 20 years and finally it's here.

My brother Todd's old Kennedy tool chest...now I just need the top chest and I'll be set. He got an awesome stainless steel one that's huge. I'm more than happy to get the cast-off!

More on the way: drill press, bench mount grinder, TIG and heliarc welders with tanks. Maybe a cutoff saw too. Life is getting better every day.

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