11 January 2009

Taking Out The Big Guns

Nice ride out to Fort Flagler on Marrowstone Island. Weather was cool
and damp, but little wind and no rain. Roads are in bad shape with
sand, tree limbs and debris everywhere; happy the Pereira is more than
adequate for the task. Even without rain, wet surfaces were abundant
and you never know what surprises lie beneath! Saw blue skies for a
brief moment, but never caught them. Eagles over Indian Island,
divers out in the bay off Marrowstone. Fairly quiet on the roads traffic-wise.
Great time trial back from the bunker above to home, a good 65
minutes of hard effort and a pleasant ride all around!


Jack said...

did you ride yesterday (1/10)? a group of 7 randos were on your permanent (342) yesterday and were up at ft flagler. what an amazing route. great job!

sorry i didn't call. i'm sure you would've enjoyed the company of a few blue jerseys for the day.

Jon Muellner said...

That would have been great! Sorry I missed you all and hope you enjoyed the fairly wind-free day.