30 April 2009

NW Crank Brief

Still recovering from surgery, but in the meantime, I had the pleasure of helping support riders at NW Crank in Wenatchee and enjoyed some sunshine, good friends and a good dose of positive energy from everyone. I needed it. Here's a few pics from the week:

The Saturday adventure riders tackle Rock Island Grade on a windy, cool, but beautiful day!

Another view of the first few miles climbing the grade, everyone was riding strong and having done this climb, I know it's a bit of work.

Tiny riders in the distance making their way up from the river.

A little break by the Church of Pain off Joe Miller and Stemilt Hill Rd. More climbing through the fruit trees ahead.

Every morning started out with a gathering at the Inn at the River as Mike McHale gave everyone the 411 of the days activities. It was a wonderful event in my observation and brings out a really stellar group of riders! After meeting with the surgeon I got the green light to start riding on May 1st. No long rides, but at least I can start the process of getting back...to be ready for NW Crank in 2010.


tripieper said...

Hey Jon, enjoy your ride - tomorrow is the perfect day for it. I missed singing the badger song with you this year but it wasn't meant to be I guess. sigh...

Anonymous said...

thanks for your excellent volunteer work at nw crank and your pictures were beautiful.