03 April 2009

Now Surgery...

Nearly 8 weeks of no riding and surgery (foraminotomy) scheduled for April 14th, so being off the bike will continue for a few more weeks. I'll be in Wenatchee at NW Crank though, if only to help where I can and maybe take a few short rides along the Apple Loop Trail...it's not much, but if all goes well I still plan on making it to Last Chance in CO this September (but not GRR in June sadly).

Hard to see all my great plans for this early season go by unfulfilled, but thankfully it's not PBP 2011 either. I've so missed riding with SIR and all my friends! See you in eastern WA.


Dr Codfish said...

Wow Jon, this sounds like the real deal:

"... an incision is made in the back of the neck, the muscle peeled away to reveal the bone underneath, and a small hole cut into the vertebra itself."

more than a hang-nail-ectomy for sure. Trying to put the best spin on it:

A) It sounds like they know what the problem/solution is
B) It sounds like it is a routine vs an experimental procedure, and
C) You have fair hope that things will be back to 'normal' once it's all done.

I'll be thinking of you! (well praying actually, if that is not too politically incorrect)

Yr Pal, Dr C

Michael Huber said...

So sorry to hear about this! Can't believe how many randos are dealing with one thing or another right now. All best wishes for you, hope to see you on a ride soon!

Jon Muellner said...

Thanks guys. I hope it goes well too! My intense and carefree athletic youth has given way to a whole new realm...what a ride.

rob hawks said...


I hope all this goes well for you and that your revised plans come to fruition. I was looking forward to seeing you and riding with you on the GRR, but I'll certainly settle for doing so on PBP in 2011.

rob hawks

Jon Muellner said...

Not GRR will be a go as I couldn't get all the qualifiers in...I'll be starting all over in May! Still plan on coming down though and a visit is in order.

jobob said...

Hey Jon, I hope you're doing better real soon.

My own plans (for the Death Ride) were caboshed after a crash in late March, but luckily for me no surgery is in store, just lots of rest & healing time.

See you again, sooner or later!

Take care, - Jo (Lee says hi too).