22 February 2009

It's Baaaack...

The nightmare condition of neck/shoulder pain I dealt with in 2004 is back. Riding was going well and a big year was planned, but now I am off the bike till I can hold the bars again. Chronic pain is not the way to go and after a couple weeks it seems to be getting worse. It's like Shermer's neck times ten. Less than one mile today was excruciating. An all out assault of massage, chiropractics, stretching, ice, ibuprofen, hot baths and anything else has been not working, but I stick with it for one more week...


jobob said...

Oh no! That sucks. I hope you find a solution. Lee & I send our best wishes to you. =- Jo.

tripieper said...

Jon we NEED you - get better soon! Amy

Brad Riendeau said...

Get an orthopaedic doctor to
check your shoulder- rotator
cuff for damage.
I am dealing with a similar issue
but I know what my MRI looks
like and that makes it easier to cope with. This applies particularly
if you played contact sports
and/or have had a couple of
roll over bike accidents
where the shoulder was implicated
but did not seem injured at the time.
An additional place to check is
for a pinched nerve at the elbow.

Jon Muellner said...

Turned out to be bone growth around the nerves in C5-6-7 and surgery has helped relieve it. I still have some spasms in my right arm, but hopefully they will subside as I build up strength in the gym.